The Links page has been categorised for ease of use. We have tried to cover as much as we can in as little space as possible! Feel free to leave a comment and recommend a link.


HomepageOfficial ESA website
Media Corner Media corner for professionals

– Official NASA website
List of missions
– Get the latest updates on NASA missions
Multimedia – Images, videos and interactive features

CNSA – China National Space Administration
JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
ROSCOSMOS – The Russian Federal Space Agency
UK Space Agency – Official UK Space Agency website

Earth observatories

ESO VLT – Flagship Very Large Telescope facility at the Paranal Observatory
UKIRT – United Kingdom Infrared Telescope dedicated to infrared astronomy

Space telescopes

Chandra – Opening a window for the most detailed X-ray view of the universe
Herschel – ESA Herschel Space Observatory homepage
– Out of the ordinary… out of this world
JWST – James Webb Space Telescope – successor to Hubble and Spitzer
– A search for habitable planets
Planck – designed by ESA to observe the entire sky
Spitzer – General info, articles, downloads, equipment, news and links
WISE – NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer

Recommended – Website for the magazine – Astronomy news UK
Bad Astronomer
– Bad Astronomy blog page
EarthSky – A Clear Voice for Science
National Geographic– Space homepage
Science Daily – Astronomy news
Sky and Telescope – Astrophotography magazine
– NASA information and news
The Sky at Night – Officially the longest running TV show in the world


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