On this FAQ page you can find out how to comment on and share posts, and how to link to Sky-Watching to help the blog grow and reach other enthusiasts.

How to share content

A few examples showing how to share content via popular social networks.

Twitter was added in late April 2011 and is growing in followers at a steady pace. If you are a Twitter user why not follow @sky_watching and tweet us your thoughts and images or just keep up to date with the posts, articles, videos and feeds. And you can tweet our blog posts to your followers too!

Feel free to use the Facebook button at the bottom of each post to share blog content with your friends and others. Simply click the button and you will be directed to a Facebook page where you can add a comment and share to your wall.

Want to subscribe?

You can subscribe directly to the Sky-Watching blog to receive email notifications of the latest posts. The subscribe button is located in the right hand panel – over there –>>.  If you prefer you can subscribe via RSS.

RSS Comments | RSS Posts

Image use

All external images posted on this blog are credited to the source/originator.  We encourage the use of Sky-Watching author/contributor images on other non-profit making websites but we ask that all images be fairly credited (example – Image Credit: Sky-Watching/Author Name).

Link to us

All that is needed is a hyperlink to http://www.sky-watching.co.uk. If you are looking for a short description for you link maybe try ‘An online presence for enthusiasts. Astronomy and astrophotography articles, images and opinion’.

Remember – The sky is no longer the limit!


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  1. Liz Conrad says:

    I have question regarding use of this image as an element of a book jacket design

    Please advise procedure to follow to acquire permission.

    Liz Conrad
    Liz Conrad Graphic Design


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