Sky-Watching was created by a group of friends to serve as an online presence for them and other enthusiasts to share their articles, opinion, own (amateur) photos or favourite (professional) images, and other astronomy related links.

The blog

The blog will keep tabs on programmes from agencies such as NASA and ESA – posting articles, news, views, images, links and resources. Perhaps what is more exciting is that as a group of amateur astronomers and photographers combined we will be posting our own night-sky images and articles too.

Through dedication the category widget in the navigation area will populate and grow making Sky-Watching a fantastic resource for all visitors.

It will take time and effort to make this blog successful so contributors are welcome!

Sky-Watching has an open comment policy. Please respect this policy by keeping comments clean and on topic.

There is a Twitter page available for all to follow and other social network share buttons available on each post – share your favourite posts and images and join the community.

Visit the FAQ page to find out about sharing content on Twitter and Facebook, subscribing to Sky-Watching and how to use images from the blog.

Link to us

All that is needed is a hyperlink to http://www.sky-watching.co.uk. If you are looking for a short description for your link maybe try ‘Sky-Watching – Astronomy and astrophotography articles’.

Remember – The sky is no longer the limit!


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